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Ringneck Pheasant: The "Sullivan strain" of Chinese Ringneck is an extremely flighty, stress tolerant bird. Perfectly suited for today's preserve owner and pheasant grower. These mid sized birds are able to be raised at higher densities than other strains of Ringnecks without the typical feather picking and cannibalism. We recommend  at least 18 square feet per bird with blinders. They mature at about 16 weeks. Available from May-August. First come first serve on pheasant chicks so order early.  Pheasant eggs available May and Aug. We are now be able to produce nearly 8000 of our incredible "Sullivan Strain" Chicks each week! To those of you unfamiliar with our cornerstone genetic line, you will be very please at what these birds can do for your club. These large fast growing birds are exceptionally hearty and disease resistant.  Don't be surprised if your death loss is cut in half when you raise them according to our specifications. Even better, your customers will rave about how much these birds remind them of the pheasants they "used to hunt." The coloration, and flightiness of the Sullivan Strain is nearly identical to that of the wild pheasants in days gone by.  To get on the hatching schedule please let us know ASAP! We sell out every year by the first of June! 
Northern Bobwhite Quail: These quail have really been a great addition to our farm. These fast flying birds will with out a doubt keep you guessing as they flush.  Email for current pricing and availability.
Chukar Partridge: We raise a several thousand chukars each season if you are interested send an email for a quote. Email for current pricing and availability.   
Most states require a license to raise wild game. Please check with your state before ordering.
•All chicks are on a first order first serve basis. 
•We guarantee fertility on our eggs however due to  circumstance out of our control we cannot guarantee hatchability. 
•Chicks are shipped 50/50 hens to roosters. We add  4% more chicks to every order.  
•Chicks must be paid in full before they will be shipped. 
•We will replace the portion of any order that arrives damaged. This must be inspected in the presence of a Postal employee and photographs taken at the time of receipt. 

2022 Prices
Pheasant Eggs
Available April-June
Pheasant Chicks
Available April thru Aug
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Shipping Extra- VIA Express Mail United States Post Office.
Truck deliveries available on orders over 1000. 
$1.10 per mile round trip