About us
Sullivan Pheasant Farm was started in 1999 by Cavan Sullivan as an FFA project. We quickly found that there was a great demand for gamebirds, and the business grew. New facilities were built to include a modern hatchery, brooders, and grow out facilities.  In 2008 Sullivan Pheasant Farm hit a mile stone when they broke the 30,000 mark for chicks hatched in a season.  This year  Cavan and now Sydney Sullivan will be producing around 180,000 day-old chicks! We may not be the largest Gamebird farm in the country, but our commitment to producing the "type" of bird needed by todays preserve owners has always been second to none.  Each year we continue to make improvements on our strain of pheasant, and our customer loyalty is a true testament to its quality. We support both our State and National Gamebird Associations as well as local FFA, 4-H, and Boy Scout Groups. Thank you for the opportunity to let our birds work for you this season.
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